Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pittsburgh Again --- and scroll down to sign up for giveaway

Another view of Pittsburgh! The photo was taken while crossing the McKee's Rocks bridge. It's so nice to get away for a weekend...again ! I went to my niece's baby shower over the weekend and helped my sister prepare for it.
We also did a little shopping.. Robinson Town Mall and over to East Liberty to Trader Joe's.. somewhat an organic grocery store. There are so many neat suburbs of Pittsburgh !..

The May/June issue of Pennsylvania has an article on the Strip District in Pittsburgh. You can find this magazine in most grocery stores/book stores if you are from Pennsylvania.

Friday evening we ate in Bellevue ( a suburb of Pittsburgh on the North Side ) at a little homestyle restaurant called The Rusty Nail. Great food and great prices. There was so much stuffed flounder on my plate I couldn't eat all of it.. A full meal for only 10.00 - Bread basket, salad, choice of potato, vegetable and the flounder. My sister ordered the crab cakes and she had three great big crab cakes on her plate.. which was 10.00 also.. You can get a good meal and eat cheap in Pittsburgh if you know the right places to go !

We also tried a new restaurant for the first time ( new to us ) called Bahama Breeze by the Robinson Town Mall. The menu was not your ordinary menu.. The decor and atmosphere was fabulous.. like a tropical vacation .. We both had an oak fired chicken sandwich and for the side, a fresh fruit salad that had a scoop of sherbert with it. Great food and very tasty.

It is a day for errands, so got to run !