Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tonight is the night...

TDIPT Mercantile is updating tonight..

If you get a chance, please stop by . Click the link below..

It was 58 degrees and sunny in my part of Pennsylvania today .. January is going out like a lamb and that is alright with me !

I am off to go to bed.. have a sinus headache..


Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tisket and Tasket.. A Vintage Antique Basket...

Here are a couple photos of the 25 inch early simple bunny doll I just finished making. She is toting an antique vintage child's Easter basket. Tucked inside are a few grungy strawberries.

She will be listed on TDIPT Mercantile tomorrow evening after nine o'clock along with three more offerings that are shown on the post below.

I have specially priced my offerings for the month of February since it is the month for LOVE !


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pin Keeps and More for TDIPT Mercantile 's February Update

It has been a busy month here at my homestead ! So far, I have three offerings for the TDIPT Mercantile's update the evening of Jan. 31st done and am working on finishing up a fourth one.

I made a couple pinkeeps, an early look doll ( this is a better photo than what I had taken before on the last post ) and am working on an early look bunny.

I took advantage of the sunshine we had today to take some photos of the goodies.

It is hard to believe January is almost gone ! But it has been a great one weather wise here and I am lovin it ! Hardly any snow and mild temperatures for the most part !


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Early Look Prim Doll

Inspired by the dolls I have seen in A Simple Life magazine and other publications, I decided to make an early look doll to offer on TDIPT Mercantile for the February update.
She comes with four grungy strawberries tucked in a burlap sack.

I have also been working on a couple other items for the February update.

And I have been making myself get out and go to the mall to walk a few laps ! So I haven't been on the computer too much lately ! It has been hit and miss for a while.

Also in a slow process of cleaning up and getting rid of things I no longer have room for.

NOTE: The photos aren't too great since there isn't any sunshine. ( Digital cameras love sunshine. )

Have a fun day !


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wearing Winter White......

Well, it is not my cup of tea.. It is about 10 degrees outside right now and it seems like old man winter has really arrived..

We have been fortunate this fall and winter since it is just now coming around actually.

The wind is blowing and howling and the snow is accumulating ..

A great evening to cuddle up with a blanket, make it two blankets, :o) and a good book and throw in a cup of decaf coffee or tea.. and some cookies !

I took the above photo this afternoon during a snow squall from inside the house !

Below are a couple photos of my new offerings on TDIPT Mercantile. Click the journal photo on the sidebar to take a peek at them.

Lots of pages in the journal that you can write on, etc. Showing is one of the recipes I printed on coffee dyed aged paper. Tea cakes were and are popular down south. It is like a sugar cookie. Behind the tea cake recipe is a recipe for Wash Day Soup.. an old family recipe.

I love the pumpkin colored shutters that the Journal and Pocket Sets are hanging on. I found the shutters in October while antiquing with my sister outside of Pittsburgh.

What is on your list of things to do and accomplish this year ? First on my list is to get rid of a bunch of old old magazines I have been hanging on to forever. I have already gotten rid of some of them.. They are pushing me out of the house ! I have Country Living magazines and Country Home magazines from way back in the 80's.

Hoping to lose a couple pounds, too !