Monday, April 30, 2012

Psstt.... TDIPT Mercantile Update Tonight and the remedy for posting photos on the blog posts.

April went by in a blur it seems.. but I did manage to get this dollie made with her church dollie.

She will be listed tonight around 9 p.m. on TDIPT Mercantile.

The photos of her do not do her justice. She has been coffee dyed/ cinnamon / sanded for a timeworn look and also her outfit has been coffee dyed but the light makes the photo look lighter than what it is.

I think I figured out the placement of the photos on the blogs now since they called themselves updating blogger.

As you write your post.. if you leave some space ~ about seven lines or so ~ where you want to add a photo.. click on that first line as if you were going to start typing something and then click on the photo image. If you click on the photo you want to place there and wait till it says done, of course, it should go in the space
where you wanted it.

Also to make a space inbetween paragraphs when writing your post.. click options to the right of the page and click on enter for line breaks and hit done.

I can't believe I figured something out on my own when it comes to computers.

It looks like a nice day here so far. The sun is shining , the sky is blue and it is warming up .. which is fine with me !

Have a fun day !