Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Joining in the 1890 Gable House Display Chain

This is one wooden bowl I have displayed on my dining room table, given to me by a very dear friend for Christmas.

A closeup of the bowl and a recently acquired pewter sugar bowl and porriger.. pewter is one of my newest collectibles. I think it goes so well with my newly acquired black coverlet. Pardon the vinyl plastic over the tablecloth, but I have a dh that is prone to setting just about anything anywhere and I just don't want it stained. Call me practical ! Don't have time to take it off as I am in the midst of trying to make two bunnies by the end of the month !

The wooden herb pot was bought from Misi of 1890 Gable house ! She has very reasonably priced goodies for sale ! I cut up a forsythia branch and placed the sprigs in the pot. Click the link below to view Misi's blog and the bowl display chain today !

I lack display areas,, so for now, my most favorite finds are grouped on my table !

Have a fun day all .. I gotta go back to work in the sewing room !