Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Hazy and Hot and Hectic Day in ......

Yes, I went to New York City again this summer ~ This time I took my grandson and at 5:00 p.m. we met my Grandaughter when she got off of work.

The photo above is a hazy photo of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to the right. It looks like I may have a smudge on my camera lens ~

Times Square at Broadway Avenue. Click the photos to enlarge them.

Even though this is my second trip to NYC this summer, it is still exciting. I really enjoyed taking my grandson on his first trip to NYC.

Central park behind the buildings.. check out the lake in Central Park . You can see a small portion of it. Click photo to enlarge.

I think this is the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn is there beyond the bridge.

D J and I at the observation deck on the Empire State Building. My photo was taken inside the glass enclosed area.

This church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, on Fifth Avenue, has a lot of visitors and it is very difficult to photograph with all the people around. But people in church ...that is a good thing ! I am not complaining ! I love love stained glass , especially on church windows !

My grandson in the Trump Tower in the foyer area on Fifth Avenue standing in front of the wall waterfall. There is a restaurant in the basement area.

Taken at Rockefeller Center.

Rockefeller Center. In the summer, it is an eating area. A little too warm right now for ice skating, I guess ! :o)
Click the photos to enlarge them.

Another Trump Tower ~ at Columbus Circle next to the West end of Central Park.

My grandchildren, Calais and D J taken right outside of Central Park next to Columbus Circle.

DJ and I met up with Calais after she got off of work.

My Grandaughter giving her expertise to her cousin ~ I love this photo !

The red, white and blue lights are the top of the Empire State Building. We didn't get out of NYC until after dark because of the traffic being tied up due to an accident at the Lincoln Tunnel.

The World War 2 USS Intrepid aircraft carrier now a museum. We rode by this on the way out of NYC taken from inside the bus.

This photo of the Intrepid taken from the internet.

With the traffic and construction, our bus was about an hour behind schedule getting to New York and coming home was really delayed with the congested traffic from an accident and also the brand new tour bus acting up near State College closer to home and we had to change buses ! But it was a safe trip all in all, thank the Lord ! Oh, the new tour buses have seat belts on them and they don't seem to be as comfortable as the slightly older style ones.

After we met my grandaughter, we took a taxi ride, my first in NY, to Columbus Circle where there was a slight breeze and a *water park like* area where people were just chillin as you can see from the photo below.

My Grandson and I had lunch at a place called Cafe Metro on E. 42nd Street and I was very impressed with the slice of pizza I ate ! It was really delicious ! and the price was right ! The meal also came with a tossed salad and drink. All for only $ 5.95. For New York, you can't beat it ! Very friendly staff, also.

There just wasn't enough time to show my Grandson everything I wanted to in NY, but hopefully, next time !

We are having a heat wave here in the Eastern USA ! Please stay cool and drink lots of water !

Linda... oh, would it be alright to take a kleenx brand kleenx to clean off the lens of my camera ? What do you all suggest ?