Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meet Stella Swampbottom ~ Debuting September 1st on TDIPT Mercantile

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Caught in the spotlight !

Stella is masquerading this year as a witch. Wearing this *spooktacular* costume and toting her spider leg (beaded) trim bag, I am sure she will win first prize for the best attire! :o) She is 17 inches tall with her witchy hat. She is a tad plump with a round heavy weighted rag ( fabric scraps )and plastic poly pellet bottom, but please don't tell her I said that ! It must be from eating all those lollipops !

There is quite a lot of detail on her little witchy costume, her bag and mask. In the lighting, her color looks a little washed out; she is a warm coffee stained and cinnamon sage green and ivory.

She will be listed the evening of August 31st on TDIPT Mercantile for the month of September. Unless a handsome prince comes along and sweeps her off her feet ( little round bottom ) !

Enjoy your day and have a pleasant weekend !