Monday, November 28, 2011

A Gentle Olde Soul .... one and only Santa for this year is finished ~ Lots of details with this sweet gentleman and he comes with his darling beloved pet sheep.

At the moment, I haven't decided where to list him for sale.. It will be either TDIPT Mercantile for Wednesday night or on ebay tomorrow night.

I made his wreath from a grapevine from my yard. I love the caramel brown color of his wool coat and his coordinating striped undergarment. His back pack matches his wool mittens !

Now to finish cleaning my house...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Indian Summer Day and My Etsy Shop is Open !

Below is a photo of part of my pattern I made in June of this year of my colonial ladies pocket. I have two pocket patterns left that are available for sale in my etsy shop.

Click the link above to view my etsy shop.

You may also make it with a rounded opening without the button as shown below.

Also available in my etsy shop are two bonnets I made ~ giving credit to Kim's Whims for the pattern.

I love the one with the blue civil war reproduction fabric !

My user name on etsy is oldecabinprimitives.

Last week I received in the mail by very prompt delivery, I might add, a new book by Jill Peterson called Simple Cooking. It is full of mouthwatering recipes and delightfully prim photos of kitchen related rooms and primitive antiques.

Click the link below to take a peek.

Today we have blue skies and sunshine ! Indian Summer weather ! Since I am still recovering from the hernia operation I had last week, I am enjoying the weather from the inside looking out ! :o)

Have a pleasant warm autumn day !


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Random Act of Kindness !

Below is the link to Linda's blog, Parker's Paradise. This sweet gal has such a warm, caring and generous soul !

I was blessed today by the kindness fairy ! In the mail today, there was a big , plump package ! The bittersweet pillow, that I mentioned to Linda, that I just loved !

It was also a nice surprise since I am cooped up right now from having a hernia operation last week ! Yes, women do get hernias, so stop lifting anything heavy right now ! LOL

I love Linda's stitchery ! I love the french knots on the pillow for berries. I will be danged if I can make french knots anymore ! I have lost my touch with making them ! The fabric on the pillow is a perfect match for this darling bittersweet pillow !

I hope none of you have to go through a hernia operation ! It is the pits. And mine is in the groin area, making it very uncomfortable and painful.

I am so tired of having to sleep on my back ! And not being able to pick up anything off the floor , etc. etc. It is even hard to cough or sneeze. Oh, did I mention pain , yet ? :o)

Thank you, Linda, for such a sweet gift ! I will treasure it always !

Warm autumn blessings ! It is so nice here today with the blue sky and sunshine and warmer weather ! It makes everything look happy !