Sunday, July 11, 2010

S.B. Elliott State Park Craft Show in Pennsylvania

This log cabin with the stone chimney is so neat ! Lots of wax used to make them !

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The photos are from my friend's booth set up at the craft show held today. Doesn't she make amazing creations from wax ?

Look at the cute mice on the scrub brushes in the above photo. My friend wouldn't sell me the
sweet little bread board that is holding the mice and brushes ! Darn Darn Darn it ! :o)

Below is a trencher full of whisk brooms. I collect whisk brooms, so I had to have one ! In the angel food cake pan are slices of corn.

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Check out the bird on the sunflower ! Sweet ! And those little shoes !

It was a pleasant sunny day for an outdoor show. This show attracts quite a few folks from the area and is usually held on the second Sunday in July.