Saturday, June 30, 2012

July Updates on TDIPT Mercantile and it has been a hectic summer !

It has been a hectic month of June.. I have been busy making these three offerings for July , walking and walking some more, making time for friends and even a trip to NYC thrown in there somewhere. Oh, yeah, that was last Saturday. I will have to have do a post with photos of my trip.

For tonight's update on TDIPT I have listed a simple early doll with her puppy dog, an October Owl and a Pumpkin guy. Lots of time involved in making these goodies !

If you get a chance , please stop by TDIPT Mercantile to take a peek ! If any questions, please email me at

Hugs, Linda

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ye Olde Chimney Shoes Or Concealment Shoes ~ a little history..

It was the custom way back in the 1500's or so in Europe to place an old worn out shoe or maybe another article, near an opening of a newly built home , most often a chimney.

The tradition was thought to ward off evil spirits. Oh course, the churches frowned on this pagan belief, so in the most part, was kept secret.

This belief was carried over here to America. Shoes and other articles such as a child's wooden toy, spoons, coins, etc. have been found.

Shoes that have been found during renovations or of tearing down of old homes and buildings were mostly children's shoes and secondly, women's shoes.

So, if you are ever fortunate enough to renovate a historic home, you just may find an old concealment shoe or other articles.

Archaeologists say to photograph the shoe where you discover it and to please keep it or give it to a museum. I , for one, would probably have to keep it in its place. :o) Since I am part Pennsylvania Dutch. :o)

The shoes I have made, shown above, are available on TDIPT Mercantile this month from a pattern by Dee Duncan.

Enjoy your day and don't walk under any ladders and don't open an umbrella in the house and if you spill any salt, throw it over your it right or left shoulder ? Heck, I forgot !

And when you are walking with a friend or relative, do not split any poles .. you both have to walk together around it. I could go on and on..