Monday, March 5, 2012

Amazing Antiques .....

Yes, this is Abraham Lincoln's top hat ! I have to go back to get a better photo of it.

Washington's dinnerware.

Adam's dinnerware 1797-1801

Polk's dinnerware. 1845-1849

Now this dinnerware above that was Lincoln's is just perfect for a President! It is timeless.

Reagan's was classy, too.

Clinton's dinneware.

I think this is President Grant's carriage, if I remember correctly.

Doesn't this dress remind you of Scarlett ?

Nancy Reagan's Gown. I love wearing a red dress, too !

Caroline Harrison's gown below. two different views of it.

At the American History Museum, they had part of a house cut away so you could see how it was built and a view of some of the rooms inside as they would have looked way back when.

But the only photo I was able to get was of the painting.. too many people around to take a proper photo.

The dinosaur room.. my friend is on the right edge of the photo above.

Smile !

A little gold nugget, anyone ?

My favorite dinnerware of the Presidents' table would be Mary Todd Lincoln's. Just perfect ! Boy, did she have good taste !

There were so many people in this area of the gowns and dinnerware, it was very difficult to take photos.

The Star Spangled Banner is also displayed at the American History Museum. It is the flag that Frances Scott Key wrote the song for in 1814. ( The war of 1812. ) You are forbidden to take photos in this area of the flag.

Below is a link to see the flag I saw at the museum and some info about it.

It seems the best time to go to popular historic destinations is during the week, Monday thru Thursday.

More photos tomorrow if I get a chance.

I thank the Lord for safe travels we had on Saturday and pleasant weather considering all the storms that were around the day before.

Prayers for the people affected from the storms/tornadoes last week.