Sunday, June 26, 2011

New York, New York

My Grandaughter and me in the Empire State Building before you went to the observation deck. They took your photo first then you could purchase it after coming down from the observation deck. We were actually allowed to walk down six flights of steps from the observation deck to the 80th floor where there is a gift shop, etc. and the area you buy your photo also.

A view of central park from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. The green patch behind the tall buildings...

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in the distance.. very hazy yesterday and it was difficult to see.

My friend Bonnie pictured above, who went with me to New York to see my Grandaughter, pictured below taken on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. It is now the tallest building in New York.

Inside the Empire State Building Lobby.

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As I was waiting for my Grandaughter in front of the Empire State Building, I snapped a photo of the yellow taxi cabs.

A photo of the Empire State Building between the buildings as we were walking towards it. Taken from the Times Square area.

Times Square.. very congested with both cars and the melting pot of New York and tourists. The Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square area.

Who is that kid on the carousel ! The carousel is located inside Central Park.

The carousel was built in 1908, I believe.

I had no idea that rock formations were in Central Park left over from the glacier age !

Darn, I didn't have time to go in the Hershey's store as we had to catch the bus.

A view of the skyline in the evening as we were leaving New York taken from inside the bus. The tallest building is the Empire State Building.

I will post more photos tomorrow on my blog from my day in New York City visiting my Grandaughter who is working at an internship for a media corporation during summer break.