Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Bedford Village ~ Bedford, PA

The photo above is the Egolf farm reconstructed at Old Bedford Village.

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This quaint reconstructed village is full of olde tyme charm and history. For those of us who love old log homes and history, it is heavenly ! The dh and I went here yesterday.

There are over 40 log, stone and wood homes and buildings, some of which where there are interpreters telling about a skill and or craft such as making brooms, baskets, taper candles, and linen made from flax. There is a blacksmith, a cooper, who makes wooden barrels and buckets, a tinsmith and even a surveyor.

You can buy saucer sized just made cookies for $1.00 each in the little bakery. There is also an ice cream parlour in the village and a general store with candy for sale in jars. It is not a penny anymore, though. Two quaint school houses, one of which is octagon shaped.

There is also a tavern where you can quench your thirst or get a bite to eat. The fare is soup with bread and or hot dogs. Pictured below is the tavern.

You have to mind your p's and q's as there is also a jail !

To find out more about the Old Bedford Village ~

It is a village where history does come alive and for a while you can relive a bit of our past history. There are special events such civil war reenactments, a fall festival, and an old fashioned Christmas celebration. It is open daily during the summer months, but closed on Wednesdays. September thru October , open Thursday thru Sunday.

There is a log church that you can actually rent for a wedding. It is pictured below.

This village is a good two hours away from me and makes for a nice long day trip.

On one of my prior posts, in the actual town of Bedford, you can see the stone building where George Washington had his headquarters for a while during the Whiskey Rebellion.

The real and historic town of Bedford has many little quaint shops: clothing stores, antique and craft stores, little cafes, etc.

A great place to visit in Pennsylvania !


Sunday, July 11, 2010

S.B. Elliott State Park Craft Show in Pennsylvania

This log cabin with the stone chimney is so neat ! Lots of wax used to make them !

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The photos are from my friend's booth set up at the craft show held today. Doesn't she make amazing creations from wax ?

Look at the cute mice on the scrub brushes in the above photo. My friend wouldn't sell me the
sweet little bread board that is holding the mice and brushes ! Darn Darn Darn it ! :o)

Below is a trencher full of whisk brooms. I collect whisk brooms, so I had to have one ! In the angel food cake pan are slices of corn.

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Check out the bird on the sunflower ! Sweet ! And those little shoes !

It was a pleasant sunny day for an outdoor show. This show attracts quite a few folks from the area and is usually held on the second Sunday in July.


Monday, July 5, 2010

***** Celebrating Independence Day ****** on the *north shore* in Pittsburgh, PA

Patiently waiting for the fireworks as the sun goes down on the city. The fireworks were pretty awesome, but this view of the river with the boats and the skyline as the sun sets .. I just love it !

What a better way to celebrate Independence Day than to watch the all American sport of baseball with the home team of the Pittsburgh Pirates. And we won the game we played with the Phillies, with a score of 8 to 5 ! YEA! Let's Go Bucs !

And to be able to have this freedom, we salute our troops, past and present and future !

My son on the left and my grandson. My son is holding the mascot, the Parrot. These plush toys were given away to all the children at the game. Darn, they wouldn't give me one !

A view of the skyline of Pittsburgh from inside the ballpark.

We were able to meet up with my nephew and his wife at the game. Cellphones are great for getting in touch !

We had dinner after the game and after a two hour wait at Jerome's restaurant.. He is a retired Pittsburgh Steeler Football player. This restaurant is near both the ballpark and the Steeler stadium on the North Side.

The incline going to Mt. Washington, a suburb of Pittsburgh, is on the left of the photo. The Bayer ad is a lighted bulletin board on the side of the hill near the incline. The incline is the two rows of lights going up the hill.

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It was a very pleasant , but very warm day ! The weather was great all weekend actually. We left early in the morning to be able to find a place to park before it got crowded. Over half a million people congregate here on the fourth of July !

Before the fireworks began, there was a skydiving show and a boat race at the Regatta.

There is something for everyone on the North Shore along the river of Pittsburgh. There is the Carneige Science Center, the new Rivers Casino, a walkway along the river for walking or riding bikes, and the Ballparks, PNC and Heinz field.