Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Like Heinz Ketchup ?

This is where it is made in Pittsburgh. And yes, they are lowering the sodium content in the ketchup, so I hope it tastes the same !

Some photos of The Strip District in Pittsburgh. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

I couldn't resist buying a package of assorted biscotti cookies from this vendor. And they are fresh and delicious ! I bought one coconut macaroon cookie and it was the best I have ever eaten.!

Assorted flavors of Italian breads sold in The Strip District and it is so good ! You can see my reflection in the glass while I was taking this photo.

Fresh fish and seafood to be had also, along with free ice to pack it for the ride home. This was taken in Wholeys.

A few photos of a beautiful old church built in 1891, I believe, located in the Strip District also.

I went to Pittsburgh over the weekend to visit with my sister and walk the Heartwalk in North Park for Allegheny General Hospital. After the heartwalk, my sis and I went to The Strip District in Pittsburgh. Right on the North Side , near the Strip District, is the Heinz Ketchup Plant.

Saturday mornings are packed full of vendors on the sidewalks, and it is just an awesome way to spend a few hours taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of ethnic foods and the array of shops !

My sis and I had lunch at Pamela's Diner there. I had a chicken salad and it was huge and delicious ! I could not eat all of it. We could have split one.

On Sunday we had breakfast on the North Side of Pittsburgh, not far from McNight Road, at a place called Kelly's Diner. Vases of fresh flowers on the tables and the breakfast was great !

Pictures below of my sis during the heartwalk and a view of downtown Pittsburgh from North Park.

I had a great weekend ! (( Thank you, sis ! ))

Pittsburgh is a wonderful big city !

Okay, now it's back to cleaning and cooking, etc..............