Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Cathedral of Learning and Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

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In the background of a couple of the photos is the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt University in Pittsburgh. These were taken in front of the Phipps Conservatory this past weekend. My sister and her boyfriend and my sister and me. My hair was blowing every which way but loose from the strong winds and is covering my face as you can see. The glass sculpture is hanging in the foyer of the Phipps Conservatory.

The photos were sent to me from my sister's camera as I totally forgot to take mine.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ocean City, MD. and Assateague Island

My son and grandson at the Assateague Island National Park.

We saw the Assateague ponies on our way out of Assateague.

The ocean on Assateague Island. It's very relaxing here at Assateague. No stores, no huge crowds, and no noise except for the sound of the waves and the seagulls.

Sunset on the bay of Ocean City from Talbot Street. In the foreground is the Angler Restaurant. Behind the Talbot Inn Motel, where I am standing on the second floor porch, is the M.R.Duck's Restaurant. The drawbridge is behind the post of flag but it is difficult to see. The Angler Restaurant has been in Ocean City for 70 years, I believe.

This is one great sign that is displayed in Ocean City !

My grandson, with the boardwalk in the background. The boardwalk has been in Ocean City since 1902. It has grown to three miles long.

This is Dumser's Dairyland Factory. It's been a part of Ocean City history since 1939. Of course, I had to try the original orange swirl cone.

My grandson is standing under the boardwalk sign.

A fishing pier on the inlet of the bay at Ocean City. You can fish here all day for a small fee.

My grandson, who was tired of having his picture taken...also, a little 11 year old atttitude showing.

Can you find my grandson in this photo ? This is taken on the boardwalk.

The throw away camera worked, but I sure missed my digital camera !


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Back ! from Fourth of July Vacation !

This is a photo of some fireworks taken with a cellphone on the 4th on the beach at Ocean City, MD.

I hope to have more photos to share ...that is if my throw away camera took some decent photos that is !.. I didn't take my digital camera as I didn't know what the salt air might do to it.

We stayed on the bayside and I actually enjoyed it.. I have always stayed in an ocean front room before when vacationing there. Seeing the boats in the bay and the drawbridge open up were a treat. Also, some very pretty sunsets ! I could see the ocean from the porch at the motel. ( The Talbot Motel is a very nice and clean motel and reasonably priced. ) It was only two and a half blocks away. I loved walking the boardwalk in the mornings ! And looking at the ocean ! How I wish I could do that everyday !

We had lovely weather while there. It's hard to believe six days without rain. It sure beats the PA. weather ! I live in the wrong area of the country ! They have some local corn there in the area ready to eat already.. The magnolia trees were in bloom and the blue hydrangeas were beautiful !

Here I am back in reality and dirty dishes... !

Hopefully I will have more photos soon !