Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Back ! from Fourth of July Vacation !

This is a photo of some fireworks taken with a cellphone on the 4th on the beach at Ocean City, MD.

I hope to have more photos to share ...that is if my throw away camera took some decent photos that is !.. I didn't take my digital camera as I didn't know what the salt air might do to it.

We stayed on the bayside and I actually enjoyed it.. I have always stayed in an ocean front room before when vacationing there. Seeing the boats in the bay and the drawbridge open up were a treat. Also, some very pretty sunsets ! I could see the ocean from the porch at the motel. ( The Talbot Motel is a very nice and clean motel and reasonably priced. ) It was only two and a half blocks away. I loved walking the boardwalk in the mornings ! And looking at the ocean ! How I wish I could do that everyday !

We had lovely weather while there. It's hard to believe six days without rain. It sure beats the PA. weather ! I live in the wrong area of the country ! They have some local corn there in the area ready to eat already.. The magnolia trees were in bloom and the blue hydrangeas were beautiful !

Here I am back in reality and dirty dishes... !

Hopefully I will have more photos soon !


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