Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year !

This spot will be crazy tonight ~ bringing in the New Year... As the ad says below , I hope and pray great times are waiting for all of us including our Country. May God Bless Our United States ~

The above photos were taken this summer while I was in New York City.

December just flew on by but I was able to made a few prim goodies for TDIPT Mercantile that will be updated tonight after 9:00. Above is a sewing roll I made from my own pattern. I love how the inside of it turned out !

Also, a covered journal or receipt ( recipe ) book shown below that comes with a ditty bag. The fabric covered paper mache book comes with lots of pages so you can write your own recipes or poems, etc. Tucked in the book are a couple recipes I have printed on coffee dyed paper, one being an old family recipe for soup.

** The blue fabric on the one journal matches a bonnet I have for sale.. see the photo on the right sidebar. **

To see more photos of my offerings, please take a peek tonight after 9:00 on TDIPT Mercantile. Click the link below after 9:00 tonight..">

Wishing you all a very Blessed and Healthy New Year tucked full of love and happiness !

Hugs, Smiles, and Blessings !


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lots of photos to share !

The above photo is from my friend, Mary's house. It is a corn thing a ma gig..

Below is a photo of my son, granddaughter and grandson on Christmas day . Here I am telling my grandson to smile sweetly and my son acts up ! Coming in the door is my stepdaughter.

I hope my grandson doesn't take this to school and get in trouble...remember those paper footballs in school ? Well here is one that is leather and has its own goal and a scoreboard.

My granddaughter opening gifts.

Okay, back to my friend's house.. (( I went there today during a snow flurry or two..ended up being more snow up her way in the North Pole on Rt. 219. And I ended up coming home in a white out on one of the darn mountains we have here in Pa. I hate snow , folks ! I have no use for it what so ever, period. And that is my story and I am sticking to it. ))

Below photo...This is a little vignette my friend has in one of her bathrooms. The camera setting was not right on my camera and most of my photos turned out crappy..darn it.

Love the prim goodies she has purchased from prim artists and all the wonderful antiques .

Above photo...Mary's nephew did the painting of the cardinals.

I enjoyed my visit with my friend even though I had to brave the snow coming and going ! She prepared a lovely lunch and I munched on her Christmas cookies, too !

I have enjoyed bouncing around all your wonderful blogs during the holidays even though I may not have left * I was here * comment ~ Such lovely decor and Christmas cheer and recipes ! I admit I am sometimes too lazy to sign in.. I have a long long password I hate to type in a lot of the time !

Have a good Christmas week !