Friday, February 11, 2011


Good Morning !

The photo of the sunrise I took this morning looks like spring is here already.. but the weather is not cooperating. It is 8 degrees and the windchill is minus 4, which is warmer than it has been in the last few days actually !

The barn you see in the photo can be seen from my back deck when there are no leaves on the trees, that is. This is only one part of the huge farm complex I live near.

I live on a small mountain ( big hill ) on the continental divide of PA and this isn't the highest point as you can see even higher hilly ranges around me.

With all this cold snowy weather .. all you think of doing is eating and baking something sweet to take the pain away of being cooped up inside ! It sure is easy to put on the pounds living up north.

They are calling for more snow for this weekend and into next week ( oh, joy ) !

Spring and warmer weather can't get here soon enough ! My mind is on spring, though, as I have been busy making a couple new bunnies. I am waiting for some fabric I bought online to make their springy outfits.

Have a wonderful warm weekend wherever you live !