Monday, May 17, 2010

Do You Like Heinz Ketchup ?

This is where it is made in Pittsburgh. And yes, they are lowering the sodium content in the ketchup, so I hope it tastes the same !

Some photos of The Strip District in Pittsburgh. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

I couldn't resist buying a package of assorted biscotti cookies from this vendor. And they are fresh and delicious ! I bought one coconut macaroon cookie and it was the best I have ever eaten.!

Assorted flavors of Italian breads sold in The Strip District and it is so good ! You can see my reflection in the glass while I was taking this photo.

Fresh fish and seafood to be had also, along with free ice to pack it for the ride home. This was taken in Wholeys.

A few photos of a beautiful old church built in 1891, I believe, located in the Strip District also.

I went to Pittsburgh over the weekend to visit with my sister and walk the Heartwalk in North Park for Allegheny General Hospital. After the heartwalk, my sis and I went to The Strip District in Pittsburgh. Right on the North Side , near the Strip District, is the Heinz Ketchup Plant.

Saturday mornings are packed full of vendors on the sidewalks, and it is just an awesome way to spend a few hours taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of ethnic foods and the array of shops !

My sis and I had lunch at Pamela's Diner there. I had a chicken salad and it was huge and delicious ! I could not eat all of it. We could have split one.

On Sunday we had breakfast on the North Side of Pittsburgh, not far from McNight Road, at a place called Kelly's Diner. Vases of fresh flowers on the tables and the breakfast was great !

Pictures below of my sis during the heartwalk and a view of downtown Pittsburgh from North Park.

I had a great weekend ! (( Thank you, sis ! ))

Pittsburgh is a wonderful big city !

Okay, now it's back to cleaning and cooking, etc..............



  1. love the photos you shared..what a great place to see..glad you had a great time with your sis...:>)

  2. My son lives in Pitts. and goes to the Art Inst. so we get to visit the city frequently =) Love it in the summer time! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. xoxoxoxo

  3. Awesome Linda.
    I didn't know it was made there and I am glad to see the salt lowered. It should taste close to the same. I hope.
    Glad it was a great weekend. Loved the tour. Thank you for sharing.

  4. If you like what the street vendors have to offer come back to the Strip on a Sunday in June or July. The Pittsburgh Public Market will be open (in the Produce Terminal) by then and Pittsburgh Flea has all kinds of amazing vendors behind the produce Terminal on 21st - which is the same street St. Stan's Church is on (the one you've got photos of).

    Also - if you like biscotti try Enrico's between 20th and 21st on Penn. They are by far the best in the city and have an amazing and cute little cafe in the back that serves locally harvested foods and is probably the best place for lunch in the Strip, though I'm sure Raymond (from Cafe Raymond) would not want me saying that ;0)

  5. Hi Gina,
    and Pea

    ..thank you for stopping by, and I enjoyed sharing the photos !


    WDO Photography,

    Thank you for the info ! I was looking for Enrico's ( saw it on the internet ) but forgot the address and just didn't see it ! I did walk by the place where they made the doughnuts not far from the church.. a heavenly scent but the calories are a bit too much for me.

    Next time I am Pittsburgh, I will make sure I get to the places you mentioned !

    Thank you for stopping by ! I enjoyed the photos on your website...

    To see a little more of Pittsburgh , click on WDO Photography's name. Great photos.



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