Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Random Act of Kindness !

Below is the link to Linda's blog, Parker's Paradise. This sweet gal has such a warm, caring and generous soul !

I was blessed today by the kindness fairy ! In the mail today, there was a big , plump package ! The bittersweet pillow, that I mentioned to Linda, that I just loved !

It was also a nice surprise since I am cooped up right now from having a hernia operation last week ! Yes, women do get hernias, so stop lifting anything heavy right now ! LOL

I love Linda's stitchery ! I love the french knots on the pillow for berries. I will be danged if I can make french knots anymore ! I have lost my touch with making them ! The fabric on the pillow is a perfect match for this darling bittersweet pillow !

I hope none of you have to go through a hernia operation ! It is the pits. And mine is in the groin area, making it very uncomfortable and painful.

I am so tired of having to sleep on my back ! And not being able to pick up anything off the floor , etc. etc. It is even hard to cough or sneeze. Oh, did I mention pain , yet ? :o)

Thank you, Linda, for such a sweet gift ! I will treasure it always !

Warm autumn blessings ! It is so nice here today with the blue sky and sunshine and warmer weather ! It makes everything look happy !



  1. Hi, Linda~
    Wonderful pillow from Linda~ she is so generous!!
    Get well soon~ sending prayers for a speedy recovery & no PAIN!
    hugs to you~

  2. Nope I've never had a hernia operation and don't want to. Hope you feel better real soon Linda. I'm going to send you and ecard.


  3. Awww...such a sweet gift from Linda Claus....That is one of my most favorite pillows of hers as well - but, wow - didn't realize all those berries were french knots!! Yikes!!! Enjoy....And hope you're back on your feet (and side or tummy - however, you'd prefer sleep...I'm not a back sleeper either!) Sounds so not fun....Sending you smiles & get better hugs ~ Robin

  4. thank you for all the sweet words!
    Glad I could put a smile on your face!

  5. What a lovely giftie from Linda. She's such a sweetie!!


  6. oh I love that pillow too from Linda..she does great work and I have a few pieces of her art as well..and they are wonderful treasures for sure.)hope you are getting better each day so you can laugh and it not hurt you.)


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