Monday, May 4, 2009

Hearts in the Park Walk ~ Pittsburgh

The one and only...Pittsburgh Pirate Parrot & my sister !

" Ready, set, go" ...said the beagle, by the looks of him ! Yes, the owners' dogs were also able to come along !

Walking for the heart !

Doves released in memory of the doctor, James A. Magovern M.D.

This past weekend I participated in the Hearts in the Park Walk. The Pittsburgh Pirate Parrot also participated !

We went to *The Strip* in Pittsburgh.. a Wonderful marketplace ! If you like to cook and or eat... it's the place to go in Pittsburgh ! Plenty of little shoppes ( and vendors along the sidewalks ) for the gourmet cook ! Fresh Italian bread, cookies, coffee shoppes, assorted cheeses, spices, fresh fish, lobster, crab, etc. Great little restaurants ! Also, there is a world wide chocolate shoppe, little boutiques, arts including pottery, stained and blown glass, paintings, etc.. Too many shoppes to mention ! Musicians along the streets playing the trumpet, accordian, and flute. It's a day long adventure, for sure !

My sister and I ate in an Italian restaurant there featuring hand tossed pizza.. You could even see the chef tossing the pizza in the air ! For three dollars, you received a piece of pizza too large eat with a nice thick crust and very delicious ! One salad is big enough for two people to eat. It's a nice mixture of assorted lettuces, olives , tomatoes, etc... Wish I could remember the name of the restaurant ! For dessert, we had a coconut macaroon from an Italian cookie vendor ... oh, it was wonderful !
More photos...

A part of the skyline of we are driving across a bridge on the North Side.

A beautiful German Shepherd.

The lady in the green puts this walk together. The man talking is a Channel 2 newscaster.

Considering it was supposed to rain all weekend... it turned out to be a pleasant one with warmer weather and sunshine !

So it's back to work ! I want to get a little creation made for my blog giveaway..

Have a wonder filled day !
P.S. Alina, the Sailor Dollie has been sold. Thank you to a dear customer.


  1. looks like the weather was perfect for such a great cause! Isn't it always so rewarding when you are able to give a little bit of yourself to help others? Makes the fun even that much more worthwhile!!

    thanks for sharing and for caring, Linda ♥

  2. What a great way to spend a weekend and for such a wonderful cause too! :> )
    There is nothin' like a good Italian restaurant.

  3. Hi Cookie and Peanut..
    Yes, it was great participating in such a worthwhile cause.. cause if you don't have heart.. you don't have anything.. !

    It was a nice two mile walk around the park... and it didn't take long at all !

    Peanut... oh, yes a great Italian restaurant is wonderful !'s nice eating in a restaurant that isn't a chain restaurant for a change..


  4. looks like a fun time was had by all, and great weather and a great cause too! How nice that you and your sis got to do this together.


  5. I lived right next to that PPG Building downtown, in college. It was really interesting walking around at night..lots of crazy people


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