Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strawberries ....

This prim bunny will be listed on ebay this evening. Tucked inside the rusty wire basket that I made are some ripe, sweet prim strawberries from Ol' Mc Ornery's garden.

I have noticed strawberries are now in the grocery stores and just look so yummy , but I haven't bought any yet.

Here in Pennsylvania we had brilliant sunshine, totally blue sky and warmer weather than usual today, and it was just wonderful !

I didn't get a chance to enjoy much of it, though, as I finished up making the bunny, taking photos, and listing her on ebay.

I had to delete my last post because of some pervert's lewd comment. Most of it was blocked out but had the words DVD and sex on it. It would be nice if people like this would play in their own backyard !

May you all have a warm and wonderful week ! Spring starts on Saturday !



  1. Hi Linda, Just such a sweet bunny with her strawberries! Glad your weather is wonderful. Here in MN, a bit chilly and wet.

    Too bad that people have to write such nasty comments. I had to put my verify thingy back up, when someone leaves a comment. I was getting so much unwanted comments about EVERYTHING. It was terrible and it was about 10 to 20 a day. People need to find a hobby!

    Have a good evening Linda. Your bunny is adorable. I am sure she will do well.


  2. Good Evening Linda Sweetie...
    Oh I so adore your precious bunny. You do the most beautiful work. How gorgeous she is. I love her little jacket with the buttons, and I especially love the way her little dress collar folds right back to accent the jacket. Her strawberries look so delicious. How fun that you have put your love into something so absolutely beautiful.

    I too have been getting some of those nasty grams on my blog. I put my blog on verify, then I can publish or reject. Nasty grams are no fun. Makes me sick that they even found me.

    Have a beautiful St. Patty's day sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  3. Linda,
    Your bunny is sweet-as-can-be! And you are so incredibly talented!!
    Hugs, Vicki ♥

  4. Linda, will you please e-mail me and let me know how to find this bunny on e-bay. I have tried everything and cannot find her. Thanks!

  5. oh she is absolutely adorable..I love her little dress and jacket..:)

  6. Oh so sweet. I love that face.


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