Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lewisburg, PA

Before I get into helping my dh paint the house, I thought it would be nice to take a break first !

So we went to Lewisburg, PA. that is along Routes 45 and 15 in Pennsylvania.
Getting there is even enjoyable along Rt. 45. This is my most favorite road in Pennsylvania ! The absolute most wonderful tranquil, peaceful and quaint highway to drive along. Make sure you have someone else drive so you can take a gander at all the old homes, farms, log homes, brick homes, big old farm houses, little quaint towns .. along this road.

I took some photos of the old log homes that are along this stretch of road , but since I do not have permission of the owners who live in them, I best not post them.. and one of the homes is for sale ! They are located in Aaronsburg.

The above photo is an inside photo of the 125 shops complex. In this old refurbished woolen mill, there are an array of shops.. It is set up like a little town inside. You can find some great deals on Longaberger baskets in a few of these shops if you are a collector. Also, there are antiques, primitives, country decor, tea towels, curtains, candles, framed prints, folk art, seasonal decorations, and lots more.

This round barn is along Rt. 45. Isn't it great !

This Country Cupboard Restaurant is located in Lewisburg along Rt. 15. It has a Pennsylvania farm style country type food buffet, plus regular menu items, a huge gift shop, lamps and lighting, candy, bakery, farm style canned food, kitchen items, a small greenhouse, clothing, heritage lace, seasonal decor and more !

The cranberry orange relish on the buffet was delicious ! Psst.. the apple butter needs a little cinnamon in it, though. The ham and bean soup was good, too. Also, the turkey, homemade macaroni and cheese casserole, and the blueberry dessert....all yummy !

Okay, back to work I go..

Have a fun day !


  1. Good Morning Linda...
    Beautiful share this morning. I could just see the beauty in my mind as we drove the highway. I love seeing the homes and the farms, the are so interesting to me.

    Now this barn is just awesome. Round to boot. I love it. Looks more like an awesome home with all the fancy windows than a barn. I would be converting it SO fast.

    Boy does this resturaunt sound like a place I would be pulling in to. I love those that have the shopping like Cracker Barrel, they always have the most unique little somethings for holiday decorations.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. A beautiful drive. Have a gorgeous day. Country hugs, Sherry

  2. We live less than an hour from Lewisburg. WE LOVE that town and we love RT nice. I know about the log houses you mentioned in Aaronsburg..I love that little town. AND the round it. I always look for it when we are on 45. The street of Shops is a neat place. Thanks for sharing your daytrip with us..I am feeling the urge to go is hard since we have our Craft Shop..but ONE of these days we are taking a trip back...and now that Fall is fast approaching..oh Rt 45 in the Fall..HEAVEN! I love reading your blog..have a great day!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to come visit me and fill me in some on places in NC. The shoppe I had pictured I believe is named Willow Tree and is on a back road in between Oak Hill and Fayetteville, WV. That area is rich in primitive shops and some of the best craft people in the world. It is not far from Beckley (which is where Tamarack is located and is a huge craft meca)

    You make me want to come visit PA again and I hope I have encouraged you to check out the southern WV areas.

    Please come visit often and know that you are always welcome.

  4. Hi Linda,

    That round barn is awesome!! I spent a week in Gouldsboro PA with family. We had a great time and the moutains were gorgeous. Not something you see around here ;)


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