Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Autumn Decor at My Friend's House !

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These photos were taken today at my friend's house and also of her cabin looking shed.

The above photos are of my friend, Mary's cabin shed decorated for autumn.

Below are a few photos of Mary's home with autumn displays throughout the house. Some of you may recognize a few of the primitive dolls she has bought from our wonderful prim doll artists !

Mary made the wax turkey and fixins in the graniteware pan. Her candles and other wax creations are awesome and have a wonderful scent !

Mary has a lovely and cozy home filled with the neatest antiques and collectibles !
We usually run the roads to different antique stores and I don't often get a chance to sit back and relax and visit her home since we live 45 minutes away !



  1. Oh can I come for a weekend and stay in the liitle cabin.LoL....So much eye candy love it all! Harvest Blessings!~Amy

  2. Oh she should be in a magazine. If her little shed looks that good I can't imagine how cute the rest of her house is. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Man oh man, Mary has a special touch!!! Beautiful pics!!! How fun!!! Thank you for sharing your friends beautiful pictures. The both of you must have a great time together! Enjoy your day ~Kimberly


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