Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ An Olde and Worn Pony Express Mail Bag ~

Can you believe it will be June 1st tomorrow ! TDIPT Mercantile will be updating tonight, and for my offering I have made an olde, worn and prim looking Pony Express Mail Bag with a set of envelopes tied with some prim string.

The Pony Express was in service from April 1860 to October 1861 until the telegraph was connected to the west coast. The telegraph put an end to the Pony Express.

The mail bag is a design from Dee Duncan with my touches and the envelopes are of my design. The only glue used in the making of this set was to seal the envelopes.

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I hope blogger can soon fix these issues ! I can only access a couple blogs to leave comments. I see the followers have reappeared for the time being anyway !

May you have a great and safe day ! Enjoy the warm weather ! It seems like mid August here right now !


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