Monday, June 27, 2011

New York, New York ( More Photos )

My grandaughter and me in the foyer of the New York Public Library. One of the oldest and the biggest in the United States. It was established in 1895 and was opened in 1911. Marble features everywhere. This place is worth a visit. As you can imagine, it had a lot of wealthy benefactors. The lion near my grandaughter is named Patience, I believe.

Taken outside the library. My grandaughter.

Part of the front of the New York Public Library.

A photo of the Dairy, now a visitor's center and gift shop in Central Park. It was built in 1870.

The point on the Empire State Building taken from the observation deck. It made me almost dizzy to take this photo.

The huge St. Patrick's Cathedral nestled inbetween the towering skyscrapers. It was being built in 1858 but not completed until the year 1878. Work was halted on the building during the time of the civil war.

Entrance to the famous toy store. As you can see, lots of folks going into it.

A huge dog in the toy store.

More stuffed toys at F.A.O.Schwarz Toy Store.

We went into Trump Plaza. I wanted to show my grandaughter and friend the waterfall in the lobby area but it was under maintainence.

A little birdy (Ragpatch Primitives) told me this was a great place to eat and it was delicious and reasonably priced for NYC. The sandwiches are huge ! Free pickles are served with the food.

Walking towards Radio City Music Hall. This is a side entrance.
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Part one of my visit to New York in Manhattan is in the post below.


  1. So much history! Just love the pic of the two of you in the foyer at the library! The toy store~ looks like so much fun~ even for us adults~ lol!!!
    thanks for sharing the trip with us~ enjoyed the tour!!!

  2. Loved your pics of NY. I lived and worked there in my 20's and consider it my hometown. I was born in Manhattan & lived in various surburbs until moving to the Sunshine State. I do miss it.

  3. What fun! I've never been to NY but would sure love to check out the sights & sounds!! thanks for sharing, Linda :)

  4. How awesome is that? New York City with a friend and your beautiful Grandaughter! Great pictures Linda! - Deb


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