Saturday, January 8, 2011

Got Bird Seed ?

These little Juncos have claimed this bird feeder in the front yard it seems.

The Chickadees, Nuthatches and the Downey Woodpecker like the one in the backyard.

Can you spot the downey woodpecker ?

These photos were taken this morning ..and as you can see we have snow.. Not to my liking as it keeps me homebound living out in the country on these hilly, curvy roads. Very pretty but I have no need for it.

Have a great weekend..



  1. Linda
    Beautiful shots of the birds with the blanket of snow!
    Did a close up on the woodpecker, I haven't seen one in years at home>>so thank you for showing me his beauty( I miss them!)
    You have a very pretty view!
    enjoy the weekend keep warm

  2. Love the Pics!
    I can't keep our feeders filled. It seems like they empty them overnight... I noticed a while back that the pheasants were flyin' up and knocking the food out too. It was quite fun to watch. Now I put food out for them also.

  3. I spotted him when I made the photo bigger..he camo's really well..;) love the photos..but they always give me a chill.;) should go down and sit by the fire I suppose.;)

  4. I am with you Linda,
    out in the boonies and being snowed in as we speak.
    I hope we get to do something fun soon.;)


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