Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello There !

This little chipmunk didn't seem to be afraid of me yesterday as I was peeking at him through my storm /screen door. He must have stayed there for at least ten minutes and even let me take some photos of him. I took a total of seven photos and thought I would share a few of them.

He was munching on the old dried up geranium buds... so chipmunks must like geraniums along with a host of other goodies to be had.. nuts , berries, etc....

This part of the country... The Northeast.. is having a heatwave today ! For the first part of June, this is unusual.

I have been keeping busy planting seeds in the garden and sewing, etc. I had some volunteers come up in the garden. I don't know if they are gourds and or pumpkins since both seedlings look somewhat the same at first. I transplanted them and hope they make it !

Have a fun and sunny day !



  1. hi, Linda
    He is adorable~ just sitting there eating away!!!Looks like he enjoyed himself & maybe even your company!!!
    Hot~ hot~ keep cool~I am afraid to look at the garden~ bet it is calling for water~ guess I will have to get the hose out~ LOL~
    Have a great evening!

  2. Chipmunks are so cute...I live in South GA and we do not have them...we have squirrels. love tree clock


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