Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Weather Capital of the World ! Let's Celebrate Summer !

Nestled in the hills and dales of Western Pennsylvania, there is a small town called Punxsutawney, once inhabited by Indians, where the seer of seers of weather, ol Punxsutawney Phil, resides. Note. The Amish lady walking across the street on the right hand side of the photo.

I am joining in Misi's Display chain today with one of my prides.. my Grandson and spending the day with him and making a few memories. Click the link below to Misi's blog !
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Here is where the little culprit lives.. you know, the one who predicted that early spring we didn't have ? :o) Note. This is not Gobbler's Knob where February 2nd is shown on t v. This photo is at the library next to the park.

My Grandson, in the reflection of the glass , reading a book that I had just bought him. This is a photo of the inside of ol Phil's hole in the ground ! That is a mural on the wall. Phil was snoozing in the front of his digs.

All around town there are statues of Phil. Took a few photos to share them with you.

This tree clock is cute !

The little couch is in the library in the children's section. You can also see the inside of Phil's den from this section. I am sure this sparks an interest in the children of this area to read.

Punxsutawney is having a festival the week of the 4th of July.

The photo above is the real park where the movie, Groundhog Day, should have been filmed. This photo is looking down the center of the park. It is across the street from the Pantall Hotel. Also, where the movie should have been filmed.

A big high five to ol Phil !

Don't let the folks in Washington know you went here for lunch.. hmm... just for the record, my Grandson and I had a salad at Wendy's.

Flowers anyone ?

Coal is big, or rather, was big, in this area. That is coal sprinkled around the statue's feet.

Punxsy , as we call it around here, is just a hop, skip and a jump from where I live. I finally decided to take a ride less than 20 miles from where I live to snap a few photos and for something to do with my Grandson.

It is a tad warmer to come here in June than in February !

(My Mother was born on a farm outside of Punxsutawney between Punxsutawney and Brookville.)

Hope you enjoyed the photos from my short jaunt down the road..

Linda P.S. Stay tuned for an adventure to a bigger city this coming weekend with another Grandchild....Lord willing..


  1. Oh those photos are too cute.. That silly Phil is just everywhere!! Thanks so much for sharing. Tina

  2. A lovely day Proud Grandma! ..oh those statues are too cute and that is one handsome young man! Thanks so much for sharing along in the chain

  3. What great pics! Thanks for joining in the fun! Your grandson looks like he was having fun! Very cute!

  4. Looks like you had a fun day with your grandson!!!! OLM

  5. Sounds like a perfect day with your grandson!

  6. What a fun day you had with your grandson. Great pictures.

  7. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.... I am going to have to get over there one of these days....


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