Thursday, February 9, 2012

Got the Spring Issue of A Simple Life Magazine !

And there is a very nice article in the issue about Old Bedford Village ! Just down the road from where I live , give or take a two hour drive.

The town of Bedford is full of history, too ! Even George Washington slept there !

Above photos are of Bedford , PA.

Below are a few photos taken at Old Bedford Village in Bedford.

A log farmhouse.

The church.

The tavern and it serves soup , sandwiches and drinks.

This is one of my favorite magazines !

We finally got a little snow yesterday.. about two inches..enough to keep me at home !

So much for staying away from sweets.. I made a chocolate cake this afternoon and now I am ready to frost it with homemade peanut butter frosting...



  1. I enjoy visiting your little town of Bedford Linda, especially Founder's Crossing.


  2. Bedford has a very nice craft festival in October--I did it once (it usually falls on a GREAT show in Franklin Pa.that I would NEVER give up). Great historical site near the river.

  3. I love those neat old buildings, so much history here, oh if those walls could talk what stories they would tell especially the tavern. I have been wanting Simple Life Magazine thank you for reminding me.

  4. I purchased an issue of this magazine some time ago & planned to subscribe but time slipped away & I never did. I sorry I did. I vistit Bedford. A great town. I enjoy their fall foliage festival & the antiques at the square. For years I have wanted to visit the village. Again time slips away so fast. Some day I hope to make it there. Blessings!

  5. Oh I sooo adore little towns like that. There are a few in Ontario, but there is nothing like a little, sleepy, quaint American town.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Beautiful photos...several years ago my husband and I stopped there on our way home from Lancaster. Something we always wanted to do and finally did it. Enjoyed our time there. Didn't go through the town though. NEXT TIME!

  7. Beautiful pics! I love to find old hidden towns in the country ~ oh the history they hold!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings


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