Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nice antiques and artifacts...

These items were used to wash clothes some years ago.. Love that huge wooden bucket.

My friend and I went on a do as you please Smithsonian day trip to D. C. yesterday.
It was a fairly warm day with some blue sky and blooming spring flowers about inbetween the buildings !

What an enjoyable, educational day ! This is only a part of my photos and will share more tomorrow if I get a chance. Lots of items there in these buildings that I did not know were there .. so stay tuned for more photos..

The cafeteria in the American History Building.. we had lunch with a lower view of the Washington Monument.

A beautiful light blue stone.. I think this is a diamond.

Marie Antionette's earrings.. nice antique !

Topaz in its natural form , polished , cut, etc. This is my birthstone. I don't care for this washed out yellow color.. not my favorite..

My friend who went with me to D C.

The Natural History Museum.. this is where the Hope Diamond and the Dinosaurs are housed among other natural artifacts.

The Smithsonian Castle.. Impressive.. built in 1855.

Union Station.. full of shops and eateries and folks coming and going on trains at a fast pace with those tagalong suitcases. A fun place full of energy and full of history.. it was built over 100 years ago. Impressive.

A blue sky view of the Capital with construction on the grounds of The Mall as they call it. The Mall is a wide strip of green grass and walk ways more or less from the capital to the Washington Monument.

A distant view of the White House

Washington Monument.. built with two different colors of stone..

The Capital Building.. impressive

The Leaning Capital Building of D C .. darn photographer must not have had any sleep the night before.

Will share more photos later or tomorrow..



  1. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for the tour.
    I may get the tour up close during the kids Spring break unless something more exciting comes my way =)


  2. Hi Audrey..

    It is a great place to go with children and very educational and interesting for all ages . The musuems are free to get into.. There are quite a few of them and some of the buildings are spread out.

    I want to go back since I didn't get a chance to see even a half of it !


  3. Thanks for sharing your trip! DC is one place I have never been. I bet it was exciting!


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